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Make your home go further with solar battery storage

Battery Energy Storage Systems can help you make the most out of your solar and increase your independence from the grid. Combined with solar you can save up to 80% on your electricity bill.


​Connecting a solar battery to your Solar panel system, will allow you to store excess solar energy that your system generates. Without a solar battery connected to your Solar PV system, any excess energy is sent back to the Grid.


They can also be installed as a standalone battery storage where you can purchase energy during off peak rates and use the sored energy - or sell it back - during peak times to make significant savings.

0% VAT on solar battery storage systems

Good news alert! The UK government has exempted battery energy storage systems (BESS) from its 20% VAT, from 1 February 2024.


The move extends beyond previous VAT relief, which was limited to batteries installed alongside solar panels. The policy now includes standalone battery installations and retrofitted batteries as well.


The 0% VAT period will end on 31 March 2027 across the UK.

Thinking about it - Where do I start?

A battery without a solar panel system?

Home battery storage without solar is a great way to start your clean energy journey. Typically, customers assume that you need to invest in a full solar array before you can buy an energy storage solution. This is a misconception.

In truth, while solar and storage are ideal partners, you can still cut costs and carbon emissions alike using just a battery.

  1. Home battery storage without solar saves customers up to £1500 per year

  2. Your home battery will manipulate smart tariffs to charge when energy is cheapest and greenest

  3. The battery will discharge when energy costs are high, running your home on low-cost, low-carbon battery power

Already have an existing solar system?

Retrofitting a battery into your existing system is a fantastic way to increase savings add more value to your home. Having a battery makes your home more self reliant, while optimising the benefits of your solar production.

Here’s how to get started with adding a battery to your existing system:

  1. Review your current solar energy production: are you producing more than you consume?

  2. Review your current electricity consumption: do you use power during the day or at night?

  3. Speak to us to understand which storage options would integrate into your current system, and whether you need additional solar panels installed to make this work.

  4. We can show you the payback period you could achieve and the expected savings to your energy costs over the years to come.

Looking for solar panels with battery storage?

Planning a battery as part of your new solar system is a great way to make sure you’re planning for your long-term future.

Here’s how to get started with a solar panel and battery solution:

  1. Understand how much electricity you currently use: We'll need to review your power bills for the last 12 months and work out your daily average energy usage in kilowatt hours.

  2. Work out when your household most uses energy. Do you use power mostly during the day or at night? Speak to us to learn what this means in terms of how many solar panels and what sort of solar panel battery you’ll need to maximise your grid independence.

  3. We will inform you of any subsidies or schemes that might be available for your purchase, like the SEG and VAT reduction on batteries.

  4. We can also explain how your solar system batteries could deliver power in a blackout, show you the payback period you could achieve, and calculate the expected savings to your energy costs over the years to come.

We’re here to help

Greenbase Solutions can help you define your goals and motivations and select the best type and size of battery for your home. We’ll get to know as much as possible about your energy usage and your home, and ask about your needs, wants, and goals.

It’s a big investment, so let's do the research and make a considered choice.

Benefits of having a BESS

The overwhelming benefits of battery energy storage certainly outweigh the negatives and every year, we’re seeing more and more people turn to BESS to improve their use of renewable energy.  


Reduce carbon footprint  

Installing a BESS at your home or place of work is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint. Harnessing renewable energy through BESS reduces your greenhouse gas emissions and minimises pollution, offering you peace of mind as you commit to your personal carbon footprint goals. 


Improved use of renewable energy  

No more wasted solar energy when you install a battery energy storage system. You can harness renewable energy, store it, and use it at a time when no energy is being produced. This enables you to use renewable energy sources much more efficiently.  


Long-term cost savings  

Although BESS are not cheap to install, they more than pay for themselves over time. Making huge savings on your electricity bills, whilst adding value to your home and business. Allowing you to even profit by buying cheap energy during off-peak tariffs, storing it, and selling it back during peak hours.


Backup power  

By having back up power, the benefits to your business or home are immeasurable . Allowing you to keep on those essential circuits that would normally be cut off during a power outage - internet, lighting… and maintain security to your premises. 

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