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Is solar battery storage worth it?

Whether a solar battery is a worthwhile, beneficial addition to your solar system depends on your electricity usage patterns and what you want to achieve.


Use solar power instead of drawing from the grid

Reduce your carbon footprint by using more renewable energy

Have power during a blackout

Save money by minimising your electricity bills

Protect yourself from rising electricity costs

With proper care and maintenance, your solar battery could last up to 20 years

Maximise the energy efficiency of your home


Upfront investment can be large

Longer payback than just solar panels alone

Research to select the right battery for your home can be confusing

In summary:

Although the initial cost and time to pay off the investment can be high at first, the long term benefits of solar production and self-reliance generates ongoing savings and protection from rising power costs, making this a smart, long-term investment that’s well worth the upfront cost.

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