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As a relaxing getaway from busy family life bathrooms are increasingly becoming an important part of any home. With modern day essentials such as lighting, showers and heating, along with luxuries such as saunas, whirlpool tubs, mood lighting and possibly a TV.

Bathrooms are classed as special locations because of the mix of water and electric. Therefore, it is important that the electrical work meets the appropriate safety standards.

All circuits in a bathroom must be protected by an RCD (Residual Current Device).

Bathroom Lighting

There are numerous permutations in which lighting can be adapted to meet your needs. From spotlights, wall lights to recess lighting - which is becoming very popular.

Lighting for applying make-up or shaving requires bright lights. Or, if you want to soak in the bath, you’ll want to be able to dim the lights.

Switching can be done by a pull cord or wall mounted, which is usually located outside the bathroom away from the  special zones within  a bathroom.


Power in bathrooms

Electrical sockets

Sockets are permitted in bathrooms or shower rooms if they are located in the correct safety zone – more than 3m from the bath or shower. The exception to this rule is shaver sockets which can be 600mm.

Bathroom heating

In colder weather it is comfortable to have a nice warm bathroom. Central heating or underfloor heating are the best and safest ways to keep your bathroom warm, but, if you do require an electric heater then it must be installed in the correct zone to apply with safety regulations. Both options can be installed with a thermostat with a timer to allow control over temperature and on/off times so it’s ready for you on those cold mornings. This type of system requires RCD protection.

Electrical showers

Showers will require their own separate supply and shall be protected by an RCD. We can install the plumbing at the same time as your electric shower is installed. Building regulations require suitable means of ventilation - An extractor fan is essential to provide this.


Little Extras

If you want a bit of luxury in the bathroom, then there is always a way to turn your bathroom into a personal spa, or maybe add a TV.

Whirlpool bath

Homeowners are enjoying relaxing in the tub by investing in a spa tub. The pump will be fitted below the bath, but an isolator switch must be located outside the bathroom to allow switching off the power which is protected by an RCD.


Increasing number of TV’s are being installed inside bathrooms for that bath time soak. TV’s must be fitted into a wall recess along with speakers and directly wired into the wall or ceiling. TV screens is heated to prevent glass steaming up.

Heated mirrors

Don’t you just loathe trying to apply make-up or shave, and the mirror is all steamy from the bath or shower. Fitting a heated mirror or a mirror pad behind a mirror could be your solution. It can be controlled at the same time as the light switch or, by a pull cord local to the mirror.

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