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Extensions & Conversions

Installing an extension or wanting a loft conversion?

Increasing the size of your home is now a popular option for homeowners, because it gives the ability to increase space without the necessity to move. Especially if you are reluctant to move asf you feel settled in the area, or it is nearby an established school.

Building an extension or converting a loft or outhouse will also increase its value.


Building an extension to your property is a huge job due to the building work and the disruption involved there are many things to consider.

Almost certainly you will require additional power and lighting. It’s possible that the new power and lighting can be supplied from existing circuits, or it could be that a new consumer unit is required to install new circuits.

You may also want to consider the condition of the main electrics already in your home. If the wiring is over 25 years, then a complete rewire may be advisable – See rewires.

Upgrading the electrics also provides the opportunity to add new power points to the room. Or replace single socket outlets with double ones.

If you would really like to add that contemporary touch to your extension you may want to install smart home technology such as lighting, entertainment, blinds etc. which can be controlled at the touch of a button on a smart phone or a tablet.

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Loft Conversion

A new room in the loft area creates the extra space and can also add extra value to your property. The costs will depend on your roof structure, the available space and what modifications required to the floor below to accommodate the new staircase. But, with some careful planning, your house can benefit from an extension.

Electrical Work in lofts

When considering extending into the loft you will require additional power and lighting. As with extensions – It is possible that the new power and lighting can be supplied from existing circuits, or it could be that a new consumer unit is required to install new circuits if no space available in existing.

Lighting and power

A new lighting circuit is likely to be an important feature of any loft conversion to ensure illumination is spread throughout and it is modern.

If enclosed ceiling lights are being fitted, such as spotlights, it is imperative they are installed correctly with a fire hood or similar protective device. This will protect against heat distribution and prevent the spread of fire.

You will also require new sockets (maybe with USB) to meet your requirements. Or, heating and other smart home wiring systems.

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Fire risk

You will also need to make sure the appropriate precautions against fire are in place. When building your extension or converting your loft you will normally need mains powered, interlinked smoke detectors installed.

Wet rooms

If you plan to install an additional bath or shower room within the extension or loft, then extra precautions are necessary. Water and electricity are a potentially dangerous mix so when it comes to installing any electrical circuits or items, a bathroom is considered a special location - See bathrooms.

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