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How it works

Depending on your usage will determine on the size of battery. We will look at your property load profiles: your daily consumption, when it is used and how much is required for an evening to determine the storage capacity, taking into account the generation and loading.

Bigger the battery isn’t always better. Sizing depends on the nature of the site and the intended use. If sized too small, it will charge quickly, and the cost of the install will be more than the financial benefit from the battery. If sized too big, it can’t be fully charged except on a few days of the year.

Summertime – Your solar PV will generate lots of energy and you may find your storage full by lunchtime. Which you can then export or transfer the energy to charge your electric vehicle. In the evening if your battery is sized correctly, you should have enough storage to get you throughout the night. Meaning your summer use could be virtually nothing form your electricity supplier.

Wintertime – This time of year will produce low levels of generation. Your solar may only be enough to cover the loads used during the day. Therefore, there will be little excess to charge the battery to cover evening loads. This is the time to take advantage of low-rate electricity prices to charge your battery (overnight for example), so you can use it at peak times. 

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