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ProjectEV Charger

The ProjectEV 7.3kW up to 22kW tethered & untethered charging range is a collection of single and three phase AC electric vehicle chargers, ideal for domestic and commercial use.

ProjectEV charger

5 Year installation warranty

3 Year manufacturer warranty

ProjectEV charger on wall
Future proof your home 

Complete domestic charger has a compact sleek design and solar compatibility; this charger also has time-shifting capabilities. Introducing a World of colour the ProjectEV charger has six colour variations to choose from, allowing you to make an aesthetic look to your home.


Project EV’s ethos is to make charging your electric vehicle as stress-free as possible. With our four modes of control, we believe we have the best solutions for all users.

Boost your savings and solar self-consumption
  • Save money by driving on the sun sunlight vs. the grid 

  • Charge smarter when utility rates are low

  • Increase self-consumption by utilizing self-generated solar energy for EV charging 

  • Use excess solar to charge from 100% renewable energy 

ProjectEV charger and vehicle
ProjectEV charger app

The SolarEdge EV Charger enables homeowners to control and optimize all household energy from a single app, mySolarEdge.

  • Through smart scheduling, you can charge during off-peak times for further savings.

  • Charge smarter with our custom scheduling feature, allowing automatic charging during low-rate periods

  • Control and monitoring via the mySolarEdge app, including remote operations, charging schedules, and charging history

Reduce your carbon footprint

Convenient Charging

Clean green energy

Why do we choose ProjectEV?

Remote Scheduling

Charge your EV when it suits you with smart scheduling and maximise on sunny days or charge your EV overnight during cheaper off-peak hours.


Direct PV Charging

Maximise your ROI by charging your EV from your solar PV. Divert excess energy to battery storage and use later for further savings.


Mobile App

Control and monitor charging through the APEX mobile app. Prioritisation of charge setting: remote operations, scheduling, and charge history.


Fast charging

Fast and Flexible charging, rated up to 22kW of power. Supporting single and three phase installations.


Electrical Protection

The entire Project EV range comes with onboard RCBO isolation as standard. Enabling full electrical protection, ready out of the box.


5-Year Warranty

All Project EV AC chargers come with a market-leading 5 Year Warranty as standard.

ProjectEV charger colours
The price for a standard installation is £849​
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