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myenergi Zappi EV Charger

Fast charge your electric vehicle at home or workplace using cheaper and greener energy, with the original eco smart zappi EV charger, featuring low cost energy tariff integration and solar charging, all proudly made in Britain.​

myenergi zappi

5 Year installation warranty

3 Year manufacturer warranty

myenergi zappi on wall
Future proof your home 

Thanks to the myenergi zappi, charging your electric car at home is easier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than ever before.


Combine the zappi with the libbi for Solar PV and eddi to divert excess solar to a ASHP or hot water cylinder you the complete package from one supplier and controlled by a single app.

It has a built-in LCD screen that displays energy monitoring such as grid import through simple images & paired with an additional CT you can also see solar generation. The Zappi is available in white and black models.

Boost your savings and solar self-consumption
  • Save money by driving on the sun sunlight vs. the grid 

  • Charge smarter when utility rates are low

  • Increase self-consumption by utilizing self-generated solar energy for EV charging 

  • Use excess solar to charge from 100% renewable energy 

myenergi ecosystem
myenergi app
myenergi App

Set up smart charging schedules so you can take advantage of off-peak energy tariffs and it will also give you an overview of the energy used to charge your EV.

If you like real-time monitoring of your home energy usage, then you’re in luck because the myenergi app does this also. Depending on your home setup - and if you’re using myenergi’s other products such as the Libbi or Eddi solar diverter for heating – you’ll be able to see whether energy is coming from the grid or your solar (or both) and how much, as well as where that energy is going such as to your EV, your home, or even battery storage if you have it.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Convenient Charging

Clean green energy

Why do we choose SolarEdge?

Remote Scheduling

Charge your EV when it suits you with smart scheduling and maximise on sunny days or charge your EV overnight during cheaper off-peak hours.


Direct PV Charging

Maximise your ROI by charging your EV from your solar PV. Divert excess energy to battery storage and use later for further savings.


Mobile App

You can check status, schedule charging, monitor solar generation and control how your car charges through the app.


Fast charging

Fast and Flexible charging, rated up to 22kW of power. Supporting single and three phase installations.


One System

Seamlessly integrates with the myenergi platform, incorporating Solar PV, battery storage, EV chargers and can divert to manage your energy use and maximises savings.


3-Year Warranty

  • Myenergi Zappi EV charger comes with the standard warranty in the industry.

myenergi zappi black
The price for a standard installation is £1099​
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