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Hypervolt Home 3 Pro

Luxury without the premium. Hypervolt has developed a flawless, smart, and beautifully designed charger that meets all your domestic charging needs.

Black Hypervolt

5 Year installation warranty

3 Year manufacturer warranty

Hypervolt charging
Charge faster and smarter with Hypervolt

Discover the Hypervolt Home EV Charger, a smart and eco-friendly solution for electric vehicle charging. This EV charger gives optimum features at an affordable price, and at the same time offering style and ease of use. 


Choose your colour from ultrawhite, ultrablack and space grey. All models are compatible with Solar PV.


Enjoy mobile control, smart home integration, and energy tariff optimization. Experience convenient EV charging with Hypervolt, and change the world one charge at a time.

Boost your savings and solar self-consumption
  • Save money by driving on the sun sunlight vs. the grid 

  • Charge smarter when utility rates are low

  • Increase self-consumption by utilizing self-generated solar energy for EV charging 

  • Use excess solar to charge from 100% renewable energy 

Hypervolt charging EV
Hypervolt app
Hypervolt App

The app gives you full control of charging modes and the ability to view energy consumption. Setting up the app is straightforward.

  • Scheduled charging.

  • Device lock/unlock.

  • Real-time energy metrics.

  • Extensive charging analytics.

  • View load management events.

  • LED Brightness Control.

  • Control solar charging.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Convenient Charging

Clean green energy

Why do we choose Hypervolt?

Smart home integration 

Schedule, monitor cost and control your charging through the app. You can control using Amazon Alexa to check status, control brightness, schedule charging.


Direct PV Charging

Maximise your ROI by charging your EV from your solar PV. Divert excess energy to battery storage and use later for further savings.


Mobile App

Control and monitor through the app. Use the analytics within the app to review costs of charging, energy usage and CO2 saved.


Fast charging

Fast and Flexible charging, rated up to 7kW of power. Supporting single phase installations.


Charge overnight

Charge your EV when it suits you with smart scheduling and maximise on sunny days or charge your EV overnight during cheaper off-peak hours.


3-Year Warranty

SoalrEdge products are proven to last and come amongst the longest warranties in the industry.

White Hypervolt
The price for a standard installation is £1039​
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