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Charge your EV with Solar PV

Home Solar panels is the cheapest way to charge your electric vehicle.

While solar panels on their own can significantly contribute to household cost savings, coupling them with an electric vehicle can multiply their benefits. For one, instead of relying on buying your electricity from the grid, solar panels generate 100% renewable electricity which you can then use to recharge your EV’s battery for free.  

An EV charger can be set up to allow you to use excess solar to power to charge your car. Generating solar energy requires solar panels (PV) to be fitted to your home or place of work, but the energy generated through the solar panels is essentially giving you free miles!

Doesn’t that feel exciting? 

They can all be set to suit your needs to charge only from Solar, use solar plus a little from the grid, or charge at maximum power.

EV car with solar panels
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GivEnergy  EV charger
Can you fully charge a car with only solar?

Truthfully, a home solar installation is unlikely to generate enough power in a day to recharge your EV’s battery from 0% to 100%. For those of us who regularly make long trips in our electric vehicles, this may prove a sticking point.

But, do you need to fully replenish your car every day?

However, it is equally true to say that very few homeowners will regularly deplete their EV batteries to such an extent on a daily basis.  

How much range can you add with solar?

Even at the lowest projected levels of electricity generation, solar charging would still be enough to provide a Standard Range 2023 Tesla Model 3 with about 64km of range, and enough even to cover the average daily commute.

If you need a bigger recharge, such as after a long road trip, home solar power can, at the very least, reduce an EV driver's reliance on increasingly expensive grid electricity. 

In short, solar EV chargers work by reliably and consistently producing enough renewable electricity to replenish the daily mileage of most EV drivers. Provided you charge by solar during daylight hours (or have a battery backup system for evening and overnight charging), and don't use up the solar power you've generated with other appliances in your home.

EV Charging Sustainability

Let’s cut to the chase. Charging your electric vehicle from a renewable source of energy will not only help save a pretty penny. 

On top of it, you will also make a positive global impact on the environment. You are saving the world whilst saving your money. How does that sound? 

The thing is… solar panels don’t have an engine or exhaust. 

No engine = no toxic emissions*. 

An average EV consumes 0,2 kWh/km

100 km - 20 kWh. 

This means your personal decision to switch to solar photovoltaic charging will really make the difference. 

Just imagine, you can run your electric car on 100% clean energy.

EV charger
The EV chargers we install

Electric cars reduce your carbon footprint, save you on fuel costs, and you can now charge your car with your generated solar energy.

CC Electrical Services can help you add a charge point to an existing solar PV system or provide you with the complete package. Or, install an EV charger without solar and charge direct from the grid during the day or make use of off peak charging tariffs during the night.

​If you already have solar PV, we recommend choosing one of our hand picked selection of EV chargers. They all work with solar generation to allow you to divert excess solar to your charge point in different modes to ensure your charging requirements are met. By either using 100% solar energy or partial solar, topped up with grid power if you needed a faster charge.

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