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EO Mini Pro 3 EV Charger

Impossibly small, impressively Smart. World’s smallest smart charger, perfect for the everyday electric vehicle driver.

EO EV charger on wall

5 Year installation warranty

3 Year manufacturer warranty

EO EV charger in garden
Future proof your home 

Meet the EO Mini Pro - the world’s smallest smart home charger designed for the energy conscious EV driver. It’s powered by intelligent software so that you can start, stop and schedule charging – all from the palm of your hand. Your next adventure, commute to work or school run starts here.


​Size matters: Compact and ergonomic design, same size as an A5 notepad.

EO App

EO’s new smartphone app makes charge scheduling a breeze and lets you control your charger from the palm of your hand. It’s simple, you’re in charge.


Smartphone Control - Specify when you need your car fully charged by, start time of charge, maximum charge rate, etc.

  • Monitoring and Reporting - Track and adjust power consumption from your fingertips.

  • Notifications - Set up to 10 automatic notifications e.g. current charge or charging complete.

  • Money saving - Benefit from off-peak or EV tariffs by scheduling charging when energy is cheapest.

  • Voice control - Smart home integration with Amazon Echo/Alexa

EO EV charger app
EO EV charger on fence
Boost your savings and solar self-consumption
  • Save money by driving on the sun sunlight vs. the grid 

  • Charge smarter when utility rates are low

  • Increase self-consumption by utilizing self-generated solar energy for EV charging 

  • Use excess solar to charge from 100% renewable energy 

Reduce your carbon footprint

Convenient Charging

Clean green energy

Why do we choose EO?

Charge overnight 

Small but powerful: Charging capacity of 7kW, perfect for overnight charging.


Direct PV Charging

Charge your car using only the green energy you generate from your solar panels or with solar and grid power combined.


Mobile App

You can check status, schedule charging, monitor solar generation and control how your car charges through the EO smart home app.


Fast charging

Fast and Flexible charging, rated up to 7kW of power. Supporting single phase installations.


Smart Home Integration

Schedule, monitor cost and control your charging through the app. You can control using Amazon Alexa to check status, control brightness, schedule charging.


3-Year Warranty

EO Mini Pro 3 EV charger comes with the standard warranty in the industry.

EO EV charger
The price for a standard installation is £959​
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