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Ohme Home Pro
£959* (Inc. Vat)

The brand new Ohme Home Pro is easy to install and allows you to control your EV charging via

its interactive LCD screen or our trusted app. It makes use of time-of-use (TOU) Tarriffs and could

save UK drivers £275-£350 a year compared to a standard smart charger*

* Estimated cost savings are based on an assumption of an annual mileage of 10,000 miles.


The Ohme Home Pro charger has a unique “brainbox” which finds the cheapest electricity from your energy provider. The simple to use app automatically chooses the cheapest available electricity to save you money – very clever. 


The Ohme Home Pro is a mode 3 EV charger with a 5m tethered lead and a type 1 and 2 connectors. Charging at 7kW (32A at 230v) with the option to reduce this in the app or through the automatic load management.

With an interactive LCD screen you can schedule charging, input a target battery % and add a price cap per kWh via the charger or Ohme app

*Subject to our standard installation.


Key features

  •  OZEV certified - Eligible for the OZEV grant. You could save £350 when you buy.

  • Smart - Simple to control using their app (with voice recognition)

  • Earth rod not required - With built-in state-of-the-art pen protection.

  • Home Load balancing - Adjusts power to your property load requirements so no tripping the fuses.

  • RCD protection - Ohme Home Pro has 6mA DC protection built-in therefore an expensive external B-type RCD is not required making installation straightforward.

  • Automatic updates - The charger is updated with over-the-air firmware / software upgrades to ensure you keep upto date

  • Smart home integration - Control your charger using your voice, using Amazon’s Alexa. Check status, control brightness, schedule charging, control cost and more.

  • Charge at the cheapest rates - Optimised Charging - Charge your car when electricity is cheapest or most ‘green’. Already linked with electricity providers.

  • Cost Control - Track your CO2 consumption and cost per mile. Set charge schedules including: Only charge when electricity price is below £ x.



(h)170mm x (w)200mm x (d)100mm


 The App


Turn your current charger into a smart device

Have a Tesla? Be one of the first drivers to try our new intelligent charging app, perfect for drivers with existing chargepoints who are looking to charge a little smarter.


Protect the planet and your purse

Our easy to use free app provides all the insight and control you need to reduce carbon emissions and control costs, saving you money whilst doing your bit for the environment.

Time-of-use (TOU) tariffs, such as the Agile Octopus tariff, track wholesaler energy prices throughout the day. The price can change every 30 minutes. Ohme’s intelligent charging integrates perfectly with TOU tariffs, allowing you to chase the lowest cost charging and benefit from plunge moments. Customers using Ohme with TOU tariffs profit from cheap and sometimes free electricity at times of low demand, and can even be paid to charge when energy prices fall below zero.


Set your car's charge time and Ohme will calculate the energy required and schedule the charge in the off-peak period hours of your electricity tariff. 

You can also prioritise charging when the electricity grid is producing clean energy. The Ohme app can forecast the amount of renewable energy that is generating in the UK and select appropriately for your charge.

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