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Electric is the fuel of the future!

The shift to Electric vehicles (EV) is happening, and it’s happening now.  EV sales are exponentially growing in the UK. All manufacturers now have electric vehicle models on their lines, and some are already switching to electric vehicles only.  The UK has stated it will be banning new petrol and diesel car sales from 2030. Your next car is most likely to be an EV.

We can help you find the right charge point for your home or workplace.

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Begin Your Renewable Revolution Now

We are experts in home or workplace charging solutions based in the North East. With a wealth of experience in the installation of EV charge points, and our technicians are all trained and qualified to install your EV charger to the highest of standards.

We are registered with OZEV which is a requirement for you to claim government grant funding (up to £350) towards the cost of your charge point.

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